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Student Exchange at Japan Advanced Institute Science and Technology


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During the dawn of new year 2014, four students from Master Degree of Informatics ITB went to Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). They were Alfian Ramadhan from Computer Science, Faisal Ibrahim Hadiputra, Lio Franklyn Kemit, and Rido Ramadan from Software Engineering. The four of them join a research internship program for two months, from January 2014 until the end of February 2014. According to Prof. Hiroyuki Iida, a supervisor for South-East Asia Internship Program, the four of them were quite unfortunate to come to JAIST during winter season, especially this years winter (in Japan) was quite harsh.

The four of them were assigned to different laboratories, each according to their own respective research proposal.  Alfian and Rido joined the Research Unit for Computer and Games (RCCG) under the supervision of Prof. Hiroyuki Iida. This laboratory specialized in advanced computing in gaming and measurement of game. Research conducted by Alfian entitled “The Application of Game-Refinement Theory in Multiplayer Game”, an extension of the existing Game-Refinement Theory applied in Uno to measure how many suitable player which yield the most degree of attractiveness. As for research conducted by Rido entitled “A Thought on Alternative Approach of Measuring Game-Refinement in Games” was a proposal of using Newtonian pressure model to calculate the value of game-refinement in sport games. Both research goals was to find the reasonable way to measure games’ degree of attractiveness in a mathematical model.

Iida Laboratory Member

On the other hand, Faisal and Lio joined the Formal Methods Group under the supervision of Prof. Toshiaki Aoki. This laboratory focus on a branch of software engineering i.e. the formal methods, to model softwares in a mathematical equation or logical proposition. Faisal’s research was “Formal Method in Event-B”, an approach to describe the software using the evolution of B-notation. As for Lio’s research was “Verification of Medical Business Process Using Model Checking Technique”, which is a proposed methodology to translate a business process of medical service decribed in BPMN into PROMELA languange and verify the model using model checking technique which using SPIN as the verification tools.

According to them, this research internship was very interesting, since the schedule was so lax, they can have a “winter vacation”, and learn several Japanese culture right from many friendly people around the town. “They are the last four people from the eight selected students for the internship program 2013, and hopefully JAIST will open the same program this year (2014). Maybe, we can expand the number of applicants from ITB this year, ” said Prof. Iida. Stay tune for the next batch of JAIST Internship Program, maybe you will be one of the “lucky ones”.

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