School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics ( SEEI ) ITB was officially established on January 1st 2006, is a merger of two regarded departments in ITB, i.e. Electrical Engineering and Informatics Department. These two departments have a long history in establishing higher education in Indonesia in the field of Electrical Engineering since 1947, and Informatics since 1982.

STEI is a higher educational institute oriented towards research:

  1. To develop and educate graduates to have a high level of integrity, creativity, and ability to continuously learn not only to be adaptive in changing science and technology but also to apply the knowledge to their profession.
  2. To be actively engaged in the development of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and Informatics to support Indonesia’s development.
  3. To educate graduates so that they function as the engine of the nation’s prosperity

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics – STEI – ITB comprises all electrical and computing disciplines which consist of power engineering, electronics, biomedics, telecommunication, and computing. For computing disciplines, our research and education are concurred with international academic systems which consist of 5 main domain areas:

  • Information technology
  • Information systems
  • Software engineering
  • Computer science
  • Computer engineering

Being the best in research and teaching in IT, STEI ITB has achieved international success in research, competition, and cooperation. We are the top of prestigious IT competition, viz, Microsoft ImagineCup, Okinawa LSI Design, Trinity College Robot Contest, etc. In research, currently we are trusted companion for IT research center namely Blackberry innovation center, ITB-Telkom cooperative, Indonesia – South Korea Collaborative Program for Information Security Research Centre, and many more. STEI ITB – industry research centers are manifestation of comprehensive innovation efforts in applied information systems and technology