Graduate admission is a shared process at ITB between Graduate School and the Faculty/School which providing the program. As the required documents and official application are submitted to Graduate School, the main selection process is considered based on Faculty/School recommendation.

To apply for International Master’s Program, applicants need to have documentation of a completed undergraduate’s degree including academic transcript.

1.     Application Process

Overall application process is none different from generic application for international student admission managed by Graduate School of ITB (

Program Application Process

application process

Applicant required to fill out an online registration form and print out the return form in 2 (1 original +1 copy) including its attachments including:

  1. Online registration at, .
  2. Print-out application form. Submit this application form with other required documents:
    1. Proof of Registration fee payment (Rp. 400.000 ) to this account:

Graduate School of ITB

Account title: Rekening Penampungan BPP S2/S3(SPS)

Account number: 0900001035


Name of Bank: BNI Perguruan Tinggi Bandung (Indonesia)

Address of Bank: Jl. Tamansari No. 80 Bandung – Indonesia

Phone of Bank : +62 22 2504491 / +62 22 2504498

Applications will not be processed if proof of payment of the registration fee is not included

  1. Certified copy of undergraduate certificate.
  2. Certified copy of undergraduate transcript.
  3. Passport photo sized 4 cm x 6 cm

For further Information about the admission, please contact:

Sekolah Pascasarjana / ITB Graduate School (

Institut Teknologi Bandung
CCAR Building, 4th Floor
Jalan Tamansari 64
Bandung 40116
West Java – Indonesia

Phone : +62 22 2511495
Fax : +62 22 2503659


2.     Application Dates

Admission is conducted twice a year for most of the study programs, on February-June (Semester 1) and October-November (Semester 2).

Graduate School of ITB is conducting student admission for semester 1:

No Detail Time
Batch 1 Batch 2
Online Registration / Submission of required documents.Annex Building Lt. I Loket 5/6
Jl. No. Tamansari. 64 Bandung
3 February s/d 30 April
5 May s/d 4 June 2015
Admissions Selection Results 2nd Week of
June 2015
2nd Week of July 2015
Re-Registration 1st Week of August 2015
Early Lecture Semester 2 Year 2012-2013 August 2015